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Minecraft ModPACK Installation


at the moment best Launcher option
Download: LINK


Download: LINK

Install Modpack

  1. Open Curseforge
  2. Create Custom Profile Add-Modpack1.png
  3. Click "import"
  4. Add-Modpack2.png
  5. Use the "downloaded" file

Install MOD

  1. Go to Modpack Profile
  2. Click on the "puzzle piece" Add-MOD1-CurseForge.png
  3. Suche nach dem MOD (red)
  4. Install the MOD (blue) Add-MOD2-CurseForge.png

Update MOD´s

  1. Go to Modpack Profile
  2. Update "ALL" Mods press the 2arrows (blue)
  3. Update "ONE" Mod press the arrow at the end of the mod (red) Update-MODs-CurseForge.png

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Download: LINK